Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara Synopsis
Shoaib wants to gain full control over Bombay and this is met with resistance from two existing gang lords – Vardha and Arun.
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By sheth1967
I enjoyed the original movie with Ajay Devgan much more...

It was OKAY

By Vinviral

By ahsanvirk
Omg! This is the best movie I have ever seen in my life!! Even though I'm a fan of srk, after watching this movie I've known that THIS MOVIE WAS WAY, WAY, BETTER THAN CHENNAI EXPRESS!! Akshay has...

Better than I thought iit would be

By khiladi627

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By anewgirlinacity
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Not worth the hype

By abhinair17
they have made this movie just for the sake of making a sequel....


By desiboyakki1
The dialogue And Akshay Kumar as Villain Os Awesome. There is no part that's boring must go movie loved it. Not a big fan of Akshay but I loved the Movie...

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By khalidzia
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By aidanrocker
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Great movie!

By deepapatel13
Akshay, Sonakshi, and Imran have all performed beautifully! Great story, a must watch!...

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