Once I Was a Beehive Synopsis
A teen girl tries to find peace with her new surroundings and deal with the death of her father after her mother remarries and sends her to stay with her Mormon step-aunt while on their honeymoon.
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Once I was a Beehive

By dawnzer
I loved the movie, it can be enjoyed my Mormons and Non Mormons alike. It made me laugh and cry, the message was strong and powerful. Everyone can come together with a common goal of friendship and...

Once I Was A Beehive

By BigAl
I loved this movie. Great humor, and also made me cry at times. Great message. I think everyone should see this one. Restores something we have lost in out society today....

Once I was a Beehive

By rjpete50
This was a very good, clean, inspiring, and informative movie....


By dmein89
i went into this movie sceptic it would be more than a cheesy lds movie. And after only a few moments you realize how amazing this movie really is. It really shows the fun and humor of being...

Pleasantly Surprised

By viapetty
Super super cute. I loved it! worth a see...

so funny! and so much better than I expected.

By lstonely
I laughed more than I remember laughing in any movie in years. came close to crying more than once. that little Phoebe is painfully cute, so adorable....

Captured the essence of Girls Camp

By vicki252
A delightful little LDS film that brings back memories to both leaders and girls of their experience of girls camp. Although there are moments of over-the-top acting and less than stellar plot...

Once I Was a Beehive

By jeanette506
This movie was laugh-out-loud funny and choke-back-the-tears emotional. Stellar acting, tightly written script and toe-tapping soundtrack. I am a Mormon, so I found the cultural references...

Once I was a Beehive

By skibills
Great Show!!!....

Great family movie fun!

By amynkevini

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Rated PG
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Common Sense Media says Religious camp comedy is hokey but heartfelt and fun.
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