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A street musician and a Czech immigrant compose songs about their love story.
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Check Out ONCE

By jnrderby
I really fell in love with this film when I saw it at a showcase earlier this year. I encourage everyone to check it out. It is a small Irish movie with a lot of great music. It is charming and...


By ckcusa
This movie is intimate and bittersweet. The music, characters, and performances are all wonderful. The cinematic style is "vonTrier-esque." It hits all the right notes with its humor and...

Wow. This is a must see.

By whtbearfan
What a great movie this is. We have seen it a number of time in the theater and a few more times on DVD. We even have both versions of the soundtrack. If you haven't seen this movie, please make...

Lovley, simple film

By bandersnatch42
Definitely worth seeing. Great music and great acting. It tells a nice love story while managing to steer clear of sappiness or triteness. Good little movie that will stay with you. Consider picking...


By KMP727
This was a creative, engaging and delightful movie. It was an unexpected breath of fresh air. The story, acting and music kept me rivoted. I was disappointed when it ended. This film took me back in...

Excellent Film!

By noapollyon
This film is a breath of fresh air! The truthfulness and simplicity of it's portrayal of the life of a truly amazing street performing singer/songwriter is phenomenal!...

Very Sweet

By TMapou
I decided to rent this movie after seeing the performance of its beautiful song, "Falling Slowly," at the Oscars. I definitely liked it. Although, if I was really analyzing it, I suppose I would say...

Once - A love story

By GEMsMommy
Beautifully done, I was very touched from the very beginning. A story of love, its pains and joys, and the making of art. The songs, most written and performed by the 2 leads, were beautiful in their...

Gritty, Moving

By precisely500
Fantastic movie! one of my favs that I watch on and off again-always a sign of a winner. Emotional intensity that is hard to come by in any movie is here in this movie- when I saw it, I thought it...

Ode to Casa Blanca

By Dibber
I saw this film in January at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and was thrilled to learn that it had been picked up and going to be released. It follows the mishap meeting of two hopeful musicians....

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Rated R | For language
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