Om Shanthi Om

By gangu2000
Written January 02, 2008
Leave ur brains behind and enjoy a good 2.5 hrs masala
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Complete Value for Money

By Uttam
Written November 08, 2007
There cannot be a movie which fits in so much masala in a single go. While watching such movies, one has to just forget about logic and just enjoy the turn of events. Every part of this movie, be it Songs, Sets, Background Score, Star Value have been amazingly pleasant. A visual treat and a perfect entertainer. A must watch for all the folks who would lilke to just relax and enjoy your money's worth. A total paisa vasool
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om shanti om

By inyadils
Written February 14, 2008
enjoyed the movie...nice climax...specially the seatin arrengments.
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they had fun making it and we had while watching :)

By pkurani
Written December 04, 2007
First time in my life i saw entire audience waited to see complete credits - this movie lives up to the expectations and SRK delivers once again, infact, this will remain as Farah Khan's best creation for a long time - Dipika sizzles (though her body language, gestures, expressions and looks too at times reminds of Aishwarya), SRK is usual - and Shreyas Talpade should gear up for busy schedule ahead... couple of songs are superb, i am sure Ajab si will remain in air for a long time, hats off to Vishal such soft lyrics... Overall music is good, is hummable and couple of songs are peppy. These are criteria's for a good movie, what makes it exceptional is the overall packaging... credit song in the end shows, how much fun they all had while making it and that really shows... Awaiting next Farah Khan movie now...
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By indianmovies
Written November 08, 2007
best movie
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