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A Great movie with a Good Message

By ns_svk
Written October 02, 2012
This is a first of its kind "Clean Hindi Movie" with nothing but pure humor and a unified message. A must watch for all comedy lovers and supporters of good movies. 5 Star !!
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Awesome movie

By uspols
Written September 23, 2014
I might have watched hundreds of movies in my life. But this is the best movie I have ever watched. This is the movie to remember for a life time. Two of my friends Mohammed Mohiuddin and Abhinav Vadlakonda suggested to watch this movie. I really enjoyed. My thanks to them. This movie conveyed the best meaning of life and religion in a effective manner. Really amazing !!!!
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A Great Blend.

By Rowyn
Written August 21, 2014
A wonderfully crafted plot as a highly controversial theme has been treated with such tact and modernity making the movie a pure family entertainer which will definitely leave its mark and not leave you indifferent.
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Interesting... Have faith not blind belief in GOD

By patelmay
Written October 01, 2014
Having seen the original play, this movie refreshes the plot from it. Movie moves along with the play however more dramatized to attract mass audience. It is interesting concept to reiterate that have faith in GOD "an mighty entity who may be governing everything" but not blind belief. It might not be able to shake grounds of people who believe in priests, saints, guru etc who promotes all weird kind of rituals for well being of human beings but it does forces one to think about it for a moment. It slow at times but a good watch for at least once.
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Great - don't miss this one

By jayshah1
Written August 02, 2014
An excellent movie that you can watch with family. Paresh Rawal is fantastic as usual & Akshay Kumar cool & likeable as a modern day God come down to earth.
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