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On the hook for an Israeli's soldier's death, a Palestinian baker agrees to act as an informant.
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By blslimogroup
This movie was AMAZING. I had seen the trailer and thought I knew what to expect, but it was so much more. The end was a complete shock and surprise to me. It was very emotional in fact. I highly,...

Where do your loyalties lie?

By clark2600
Omar was in a tight disposition, left to choose between the love of his family, and his nation. Before all, he would weigh that of his immediate family unit. When put to the test, he stood by his...


By apregolf
Hated it…walked out!!...


By chomsky43

Great alternative look at the Palestinian condition!

By elaminem
Great inside look at the daily lives of Palestinians under the 60 year Zionists occupation....

Turo story!

By adinujedat
I like the move Omer. Realistic and very deep. The editing was great....


By valgal711
Overall a great intriguing plot that keeps you wanting to know what will happen next....

Terrorists are rarely sympathetic

By elkerweiss
Hard to empathize with Omar as he did murder an innocent person in the first 15 min. A good movie but I just couldn't hope for his happy ending....


By SuzanneConnolly
It's rare to see a touching movie about a war that's ongoing. Omar is that movie. Deserves to win the Oscar for which it's nominated (Best Foreign Language)....

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