Good flick

By AvalonGuy
Written July 02, 2015
This is not for the kids, as it is violent within the first 5 minutes. I felt the action was good and the movie well planned out. The actors did a good job and you really think it is the white house...
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olympus a hit

By sebb33
Written July 04, 2015
Olympus falls and Morgan Freeman plays outstanding along with Gerard a new up and comer must see and Freeman plays president again good role for him. glad critics confused and I hardly ever listen to them but what fans have to say
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Fun-- but with reservation

By jjr1567
Written March 22, 2013
Great special effects, fine acting by an A-list cast, a good edge of your seat popcorn munching thriller, very much in a good versus bad old-school way. However, it is also formulaic and very predictable, right down to the final mano a mano duking out between the pro- and antagonist. The only thing missing is one of them growling "we both knew it would come to this!" just before throwing the first punch. I'd say it's worth a matinee look, but if you're paying full evening price, there are better choices for your $.
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By Agill960
Written March 04, 2015
This movie was an intense 2 hours. Some actions sequences were over computerized but overall quality (on the bloody side). Cast & characters were great. Gerard Butler held the muscle role well. Plot was a little far fetched. I give this movie a 7.5. If you like action films, see it!
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By estelle722
Written January 27, 2015
This movie was so packed full of craziness! I truly believe the men in and around the White House and the President would never allow this to really happen! Although the story line was close to how really insane others may be no matter where they are from. Morgan Freeman is always, always great in every movie I have ever seen with him in it! I would vote him for President any day! Aaron Eckhart is an incredibly striking President! I'd vote for him just on his family values in the movie! Gerard Butler, the newest 'bad***' action hero in my book! He as a ex-Special Forces, American military man is phenomenal! Angela Basset, beautiful, and not one to be reckoned with, knows the person on the inside! Melissa Leo is a bad*** patriot and awesome!! I would see this again and will add to my DVD collection!!
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