Olympus Has Fallen

By relgips
Written March 25, 2013
It was a good action movie but if you want the real thing follow Mitch Rapp in Vince Flynn's 1999 book, Transfer of Power. For that matter after reading any Mitch Rapp novel you will say Mike Banner who?
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I could write a better movie....

By CypherSteele
Written November 01, 2014
I want my 2 hours back. I mean it. First of all...it looked promising, but this movie sucked. I kept waiting for Bruce Willis as John McLain to come in and save the day. The CHEEZY one liners made people in the theater grown and giggle. And...this movie makes the US government look WEAK..not willing to make hard choices to PROTECT MILLIONS of innocent people. Sorry....wait for DVD ..and then ONLY rent it if you are realllllly drunk.
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By vp2
Written December 18, 2014
This was an excellent movie. The action was great and there were even funny moments. The audience laughed, screamed, and cheered for the good guys. Well worth the price of admission. I may even see it again. Also, I counted four pieces of male eye candy. Yummy.
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White House vs Korean thugs

By mister2tim
Written July 24, 2014
Olympus has fallen. Reviewed 3-22-2013 This full action movie is definitely an R rated Korean how-to on how to lay siege to the White House. The action barely ever stops and the very graphic violence never ceases. Gerard Butler, the hero, is just another job-dedicated-protector who battles the bad guys without remorse. The plot has no real suspense only action. Various fictitious dangers are injected into the screen play for graphic/dramatic effects. Keri Russell, as the hero’s wife, surely does deserve a better part but her presence was real and effective. The physical abuse, multiple killings and strong language makes this an adult only film. The showing of the U.S. Military as inept against terrorists in movies seems to be a common Hollywood stunt that really has no value. Mr2Tim
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Finally a good summer movie in the spring

By ketmd
Written October 23, 2014
The formula may be somewhat old as the critics have said but they managed to create a few twists and kept the action rolling. Just believable enough to draw you in throughout most of the movie. The ending got a little ridiculous but all in all worth the money to see. Gerard Butler made a nice transition from the days of "300" to a more modern action star. Morgan Freeman was solid in his minor role.
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