action packed

By kandisfx
Written April 07, 2013
good movie, lots of edge of your seat action. Fast moving, although it is a 2 hour movie,it went by fast. A some what predictable plot but good acting and special effects made for several nail biting moments. I wouldn't recommend this for young children. lots of very graphic violence. I say GO SEE IT!!!
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Olympus has blown my mind

By rhopkin1
Written July 25, 2014
Olympus has fallen was one of those movies that before you see it you think well since there's nothing better out...why not. Then it blows your mind! This movie was amazing from start to finish. Butler played his usual bad ***self amazingly. This movie keeps you pulled in from start to finish wondering whats around the next corner. Morgan Freeman is also amazing as usual but hey, what would you expect for god! If you don't like blood and gore is the only reason I would stay away but if that doesn't bother you this is a MUST see!
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Olympus? Not quite

By DTn3D
Written March 24, 2013
Olympus has fallen, will leave you feeling with a sense of American pride, but for a new movie experience, "been there; done that" comes to mind. Without giving away too much of the plot (that was already done through the trailers), you get a sense of Bruce Willis in "Die Hard". One man against the world, and instead of bumbling police, they leave that role for the United States Military. It was a good movie for my wife and I on a date night. Especially, since AMC has "Dine-In" movie theaters which are well worth the extra bucks.
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Olympus Has Fallen! A great movie!

By jeaninedaniels
Written April 09, 2013
This movie was one of the best I've seen this year. I might have to see it again to understand the first part...not too sure about the accident. But overall a head scratcher, eye opener and the plot was well written. My husband kept saying it reminded him of a Die Hard movie. I don't know if that is right or wrong to say about this movie..all I know is I enjoyed it to the very end!!
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Xcellent Movie

By wiseone
Written July 25, 2014
The movie was relevant utilizing the US's history of squatting in other people's countries under the guise of implementing Democracy, and it's cruelty to others with some of the possible repercussions of these acts. It was simply a really well put together experience as movies go!
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