Olympus Has Fallen

By pianokay
Written August 29, 2014
A dark movie with excessive violence. Well acted but a weak overused plot. Setting was limited to the white house and tunnels throughout. Like watching cave dwellers fighting for survival. Bloody, noisy, and violent from the beginning until a few minutes before the end.
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By halcrombk
Written September 18, 2014
I give this one a 7.5 out of 10. The premise for this picture is good. WHY the White house was taken and what, ultimately, the bad guys intended to do. (Watching the White House be taken by ANYBODY was disturbing, but it IS just a movie). The PROBLEM with "Olympus" is that it felt like a re-hash of the original "Die Hard". There were a few laughs but I kept waiting for Gerard Butler's character to say something equally witty as "Yippy-Ky-Yay, Mother F...er". Also, characters come and go very quickly and props seem to appear and then mysteriously disappear (watch for the trash trucks). Recommendation: GO!! Especially if you like gratuitous violence.
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Interesting Action Movie

By SuzieQ44
Written August 23, 2014
Well.....although this is a bit far-fetched, it is still an exciting movie, amazing special effects & cinematography, and does make one wonder if anything remotely like this could ever happen. Yes, it is violent and bloody, but it has some exciting scenes. Even though the critics were not very kind, my vote is "go".
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By mstamey
Written March 31, 2013
The only thing I could have done without is long periods of shooting, exploding and pretty graphic violence, but certainly a nail biter from start to end. Somewhat predictable but that did not hurt. Loved Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman!!!
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By Nyredhead1
Written March 26, 2013
This movie was great lots of action !! Edge of your seat drama. We're man is man I am female both men and woman will love this move!!! It's a must see the acting was great ,special affect off the charts!
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