Dope movie

By rodashtoc
Written March 25, 2013
Fk what the critics say, watch this movie. It's a great action movie with a good plot. A bit unbelievable, but what action movie isn't? 9/10 from me. I really like it.
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Olympus Has Fallen but the House is Insured!!

By louieanduggles
Written March 29, 2015
Premise of the movie is ok but development of the premise is terrible. Major characters are written as the prototype of a standard caring President, idiot commander of the military and the Speaker of the House as the guy who knows everything. Action is great including visual special effects, all aspects of the action deliver. Writers however should give back the money they were paid, script and lines are horrible. Butler delivers terrible lines with almost good grace, he is one of the most believable things about the movie and sells his character well. If you can leave your brain at home you will enjoy the action. "sorry about the house" and "the house is insured" lines are a sad finish for a good action movie.
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Best "Die Hard" movie of the year

By jtphilly15
Written December 18, 2014
If you approach this movie as a "Die Hard" movie, you're going to love it. Great action, great characters, and great action. And really really good action. The professional critics reviews I read were all caught up in the politics of the movie, and I honestly don't understand why. Give the analytical portion of your brain the night off, and enjoy having this movie boost your testosterone level.
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What a disappointment!!!

By BigScreen Reviewer
Written March 23, 2013
With all the publicity and the star power of Morgan Freeman, I expected more. No, that is an understatement. The writing of this movie could not have been worse. Even a good director, star power, and lots (and lots of blood for those who dig it) couldn't help this movie. What could he possibly have been thinking? It doesn't even make any sense. At least in the TV series, The West Wing, when the President is compromised, he chooses to step down. This one commits treason. As for Morgan Freeman, I am not sure why he would even accept the role. Does he really believe that a Speaker of the House would choose to risk the country and start a world war to save the life of the President? If you like the Die Hard movies, this one will disappoint. If you think the Die Hard movies have too much gratuitous blood and violence, you certainly won't want to see this one. I am not sure who this movie was made for. Definately not me.
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"Olympus Has Fallen" doesn't pass the believability test

By clwhitt
Written April 28, 2015
It was a good, quick passed action movie, even though it was burdened with a horrible script. It was written so poorly, that it made actors who are otherwise very exceptional look very stilted in their performances. I see no need to ever see this movie again.
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