How could critics be so wrong- Great flick

By tripguy
Written January 31, 2015
Wife and I give this 5 stars. So well done and timely with current N. Korea situation. Action was exciting and story believable. Go see it- you won't be disappointed if you like action movile with political undertones!
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Fun & Silly & Awesome

By CarmenTS
Written January 29, 2015
Do you love America, Guns, Knife-fights & unnecessary, gratuitous explosions? Good. Then go see Olympus has fallen. The acting is pretty good, too, and the story isn't entirely unbelievable. If this isn't good enough for you, I got to go to a free screening the week before it came out. When it actually came out, I PAID to see it again. Go see it! Obviously not the best movie ever made, but I am a simple girl and I like being entertained, and I was... TWICE!
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wow! very good one!

By bobbyjr58
Written July 09, 2013
this movie was very good to see ,we enjoy it from the start,lots of action,and this could happen any where in the world,go and see this for your self
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Good flick!

By JMarklein27
Written July 25, 2014
Didn't go to this movie with high expectations and boy was I surprised. This movie had just the right amount of action and semi-realism. Gerard Butler is the MAN! The cast and storyline meshed together so well I'd definitely go see it again. Most of us have seen movies with a 'this is how the world ends' or 'how many different ways we can imaginatively destroy major cities.' This one was WOW! Prepare to be shocked!
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Had me on the edge of my seat!

By svazquez3801
Written September 18, 2014
Great movie! Exciting from start to finish. Even my girlfriend who hates it when I pick movies, go figure, said she was on the edge of her seat from start to finish. So its a definite must see! A lot better than I expected, a very pleasant surprise for the both of us!
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