olympus a hit

By sebb33
Written July 04, 2015
Olympus falls and Morgan Freeman plays outstanding along with Gerard a new up and comer must see and Freeman plays president again good role for him. glad critics confused and I hardly ever listen to them but what fans have to say
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Stunningly Bad

By dakkon2399
Written May 02, 2016
They must have paid Butler and Freeman a pretty penny to do this turkey. There are more plot holes in this movie than there is movie and I'm willing to overlook a lot in the name of a good fun action film. Sadly I just couldn't overlook the series of idiotic twists that occur in this film one after another, a roller coaster of mounting stupidity. The only way this plot even works is if the majority of folks designing our defense systems are mentally impaired. The movie has some occasional redeeming moments, such as some solid action, good acting, and the rare witty dialog, but mostly it is just a giant crap fest. They constantly throw in patriotic scenes as if in hopes that the flag waving will distract you from the horrendous story taking place. The whole thing is just laughable. I can't even recommend it for rental.
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Great action packed film.

By gcorey77
Written May 30, 2016
Gerard Butler kicked butt in this film. Fight scenes were great, and I also like Morgan Freeman. He was no nonsense as the speaker of the house. The only problem I had was, what was the take over of the White House about? They never explained that, but I give this film 4 stars.
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Excellent Action Packed Adventure

By larry2147
Written May 29, 2016
Story line, well there was one. Mostly improbable series of events and reactions. Don't think our top military leaders are as stupid as portrayed. All that aside, I really enjoyed the movie.
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action packed

By kandisfx
Written June 30, 2016
good movie, lots of edge of your seat action. Fast moving, although it is a 2 hour movie,it went by fast. A some what predictable plot but good acting and special effects made for several nail biting moments. I wouldn't recommend this for young children. lots of very graphic violence. I say GO SEE IT!!!
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