Was very good

By g02it
Written November 30, 2014
Did bring back memories of Harrison Ford saving the day., All and all a good film, Some how the Russains and Muslems got out of the spotligt
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Olympus Has Fallen

By nbcteach05
Written March 04, 2015
It's such a shame that people will see this film. It's lousy - the characters, except for the son and Mike Banning, are weak. Morgan Freeman was a total disappointment. Don't waste your money or your time.
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Great movie

By __eXecute__
Written March 31, 2015
Aside from some unrealistic parts, much of the movie is realistic. There was one instance of a bad graphic animation, but other than that, everything was great and it was a suspenseful action movie similar to Die Hard, but it's as good as the original 2 movies.
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Olympus Has Fallen

By mgoblueclr
Written March 29, 2015
I agree with a previous movie goer that this movie was one that we really liked. In the world of today it is really scary and so close to today news.. The movie critics must go under another set of issues they look for but we loved it. The actors were very good as in other movies. Loved it.
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Not an award winner

By mkyleerice
Written March 28, 2013
A lot of recent action movies fail to set up an emotional background, which this movie does right off the bat. However, it's a shaky one at best. It's then followed by a far fetched and ridiculous, yet entertaining story line. I must say the crisis room acting was absolutely terrible! I'm kind of sad they pulled Morgan Freeman into this movie.
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