Great action packed film.

By gcorey77
Written July 31, 2015
Gerard Butler kicked butt in this film. Fight scenes were great, and I also like Morgan Freeman. He was no nonsense as the speaker of the house. The only problem I had was, what was the take over of the White House about? They never explained that, but I give this film 4 stars.
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olympus a hit

By sebb33
Written July 04, 2015
Olympus falls and Morgan Freeman plays outstanding along with Gerard a new up and comer must see and Freeman plays president again good role for him. glad critics confused and I hardly ever listen to them but what fans have to say
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By Agill960
Written March 04, 2015
This movie was an intense 2 hours. Some actions sequences were over computerized but overall quality (on the bloody side). Cast & characters were great. Gerard Butler held the muscle role well. Plot was a little far fetched. I give this movie a 7.5. If you like action films, see it!
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Fun-- but with reservation

By jjr1567
Written March 22, 2013
Great special effects, fine acting by an A-list cast, a good edge of your seat popcorn munching thriller, very much in a good versus bad old-school way. However, it is also formulaic and very predictable, right down to the final mano a mano duking out between the pro- and antagonist. The only thing missing is one of them growling "we both knew it would come to this!" just before throwing the first punch. I'd say it's worth a matinee look, but if you're paying full evening price, there are better choices for your $.
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Oh, it's fallen and it can't get up!

By Squirrel Dude
Written August 04, 2015
I'm sorry, but I really can't recommend this movie! Yeah, I understand it's supposed to be action, but do we need another cross between Rambo and Die Hard? The original "Die Hard" was very good because the story line and stunts were believable. "Rambo: First Blood" was not bad, but it was stretching it because how can ONE man take on an army and not get so much as a scratch, so-to-speak! This film has A LOT of people getting shot to death - and some in the head. I think if people are getting hit by at least 50 caliber bullets; then we'd see more torn up bodies! Forgive me, but again, how is it that ONE man can (though a good guy) be able to do so much - and, not get more injured - let alone, survive?! Don't get me wrong, I like good action movies, this one didn't do anything for me. A rental at best. The SPX even looked fake!
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