Oliver Blake
Date of Birth
Apr 04, 1905
Birth Place:
Centralia, IL


Lanky, long-nosed supporting actor Oliver Blake acted on stage under his given name of Oliver Prickett. From the mid-1920s onward, Blake was a fixture at the Pasadena Playhouse, where his brother Charles was managing director and his sister Maudie was a resident character actress. At the Playhouse, he starred in such productions as Charley's Aunt and also taught classes for first-year students. He entered films in 1941, and for his first few years before the camera was confined to bit roles like the Blue Parrot waiter in Casablanca (1942). One of his more visible screen assignments was as dour-faced Indian neighbor Geoduck in Universal's Ma and Pa Kettle series. An apparent favorite of comedian Bob Hope, Blake showed up in a variety of roles in several Hope farces, notably as the world's most emaciated Santa Claus in The Seven Little Foys (1955). On TV, Oliver Blake played the recurring role of Carl Dorf in the 1956 sitcom The Brothers. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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