Oldboy (2005) Synopsis
A man is kidnapped for 15 years. He is released, and has 5 days to figure out who abducted him.
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Oldboy (2005) review

By paulmageeonline
great film...

2nd in Park Chanwook's Revenge Trilogy - Still the BEST

By lugubriousthespian
OLDBOY by Korean golden boy Park Chanwook is nothing short of brilliant in the revenge thriller genre. #1 There is no movie that exists quite like it. #2 The twists and turns of the plot are...

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By TwinCityFrankie
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By jeffclark9
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Amazing and very unique!

By bobg212

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By heathart
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Best twisted mystery movie I've seen

By Haden93
The movie is beautifully crafted very violent. Keeps you in suspense and has a great twist at rivals against the 6th Sense or any other one you can think of....

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Rated R | For strong violence including scenes of torture, sexuality and pervasive language