ok, bt the ending is disappointing!

By Spydercage
Written December 10, 2013
This was an ok movie for me, I've never seen the original and didn't know what to expect with this version. This was Dark, graphic, and a bit twisted. I usually don't mind and can watch just about any movie regardless. This one for some reason just didn't sit well. I say skip this show and maybe rent or do On demand when there is nothing else to watch.
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Surprising Twists

By tdmalecki
Written December 01, 2013
This was a good movie. Lots of action & violence, which my boyfriend loves all that stuff. It's a dark and twisted movie. We had no idea where it would lead. We walked out of that movie shaking our heads, sick…twisted…and surprised. Kept our interest. Very unusual. I say go and see it.
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Worst movie ever!

By bellaraeavery
Written December 09, 2013
This movie was not entertaining in the least. I saw the original and this version is a 1000 times more disturbing and very disappointing. Way to violent as most movies are getting. I wanted to throw up after seeing it and then I wanted to ask for my money back. Spike Lee should be ashamed of himself. What a waist of my time. They really should change the rating of this movie.
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Epic fail!

By Pa3cya
Written December 07, 2013
Reluctantly went to see this and I don't regret it because it made me appreciate the original Korean movieeven more. If you've never seen Oldboy please do not watch this. The original version is awesome this is garbage and the ending made it worse if that is at all possible.
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Spike Does a Good Job

By BxTiki
Written December 09, 2013
After watching the original Oldboy, I understood why Spike Lee wanted to remake this film. It presents great opportunities to use his cinematographic skills and its twisted plot is ripe for interpretation. This film captures the essence of the original. I like how the film develops Joe's character before his imminent imprisonment. Spike Lee's take on the infamous twist on the movie was just as uncomfortable as the original's and more plausible. The ending in this remake was a little disappointing but understandable (IMO, Americans do not like open-ended/ambiguous endings). I would recommend this movie.
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