Old Boy

Written December 02, 2013
This movie was a well made movie with superb acting but the reason I said oh No was because i found it to be violent and very disturbing to watch.
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The ending killed it for me....

By consumetheliving
Written December 02, 2013
Let me start by saying that Spike Lee surprised me by changing many elements from the original by including more from the manga and of course adding his own perspective to the mix. I do take issue with the overall tone of his effort though. For the most part, he plays it really straightforward, lifting almost all of the levity from the original and replacing it with way more onscreen gore. Also missing are the subtle subliminal messages that liter Chan-wook Park's adaptation. This makes for a very visceral viewing yet can be very heavy handed at times. Most people(that haven't seen the original) will of course see this as a very disturbing affair but, in my opinion, the twist became to much of the focus in this version and losses the thinking mans aspect found in the original. Also, the ending is so western(Hollywood) that I nearly threw my popcorn at the screen. By far a very safe ending that deflated the climax for me. Excluding the lock myself in a box ending, a decent remake.
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Is this film a joke?

By Leilascheinman
Written December 02, 2013
This is the worst film I've ever seen. Both myself and the 3 people I was with each questioned to ourself if this film was suppose to be a comedy because it was literally that ridiculous! Don't go... It's a waste of your time and money. You'd be better off (insert any activity besides watching this film).
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Oldboy remake

By sk816tw
Written November 30, 2013
Different from the original. Great casting! Critics reviews say it is full of violence, unless the theater I saw it had it censored, it is not gory or will make you feel nauseous. Again the lead villain is casted better than the original, but it ends there. Worth seeing if you've seen the original and way worth it if you have not. Remember, Spike Lee made 13th hour and this film is in that type of direction, not Jungle Fever or one of the other films he sucked at.
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By Cityfeme
Written December 03, 2013
I Have Always been a Devoted Fan of Spike Lee...and after seeing "OLD BOY" I Still Am! For Me The Film was utterly Mesmerizing. A Brilliant Adapting of a Japanese Movie, skillfully written to ensure the essence of The Cultural Artistry was not diminished........... BRAVO SPIKE
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