Oldboy (2013) Synopsis
Locked up for 20 years without explanation, a man sets out in pursuit of his captor to discover the shocking truth.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
In the end, the most impressive performance may be Spike Lee's. He uses skill without gimmickry, flash without fuss, to tap the mesmerizing...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Lee’s is more of a hard-edged, hammer-and-nail noir than Park’s existential horror, and it’s far less concerned with the internal state of...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bruce Ingram
It’s generally a respectful homage that has every bit as much stylishness and visual flair.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Oldboy is an immersion into pure twistedness. The purity of its twistedness is its saving grace.
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By Matt Zoller Seitz
This American version of Park Chan-Wook's Korean thriller is Lee's most exciting movie since "Inside Man" — not a masterpiece by any...
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Arizona Republic

By Kerry Lengel
Surprisingly, the movie doesn’t bear much of the stylistic stamp we’ve come to expect of Lee, who’s in his generic journeyman mode here....
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Leave it to Spike Lee to deliver one of the strangest, most off-putting movies for the Thanksgiving holiday.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
While Lee leaves some of Park's more memorable outrages behind, he and screenwriter Mark Protosevich find one or two ways to up the...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Weaknesses from the original remain, including a mustache-twirling villain straight out of a Bond film (Sharlto Copley) and a Freudian...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Graphically gruesome when it means to be a provocative look at vengeance.
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By spartacus2189
I will first say that I love the lore of Oldboy and I have seen the original multiple times and I just ordered the manga books to read for the series. I love the backstory and graphic nature of it...

It might be good if you didn't see the original

By Jayhaitkin
The original was such a masterpiece I wondered how they could pull off a remake. Well the answer is, they couldn't. I guess without seeing the original its an interesting darkly twisted movie, but...

Messed up & Very Good!

By SouthernNYCgal
Sam Jackson brought some comic relief to a very dark story. The real star here is the story. It's so bizarre and messed up that it leaves you gasping in surprise. Spike Lee's direction style with...

Crazy Strange with a twist at the end

By slbnst
Found the show a little predictable in many areas. Fight scene purely laughable. Didn't see the original but was ok for a matinee price to kill a little time....

This Film SUCKS

By mralfcab
I didn't see the original and am not likely to either so this review is just about this film on its own merits. The story is so illogical, convoluted and lame I couldn't believe I'd sat through...

Old Boy

This movie was a well made movie with superb acting but the reason I said oh No was because i found it to be violent and very disturbing to watch....

The ending killed it for me....

By consumetheliving
Let me start by saying that Spike Lee surprised me by changing many elements from the original by including more from the manga and of course adding his own perspective to the mix. I do take issue...

Is this film a joke?

By Leilascheinman
This is the worst film I've ever seen. Both myself and the 3 people I was with each questioned to ourself if this film was suppose to be a comedy because it was literally that ridiculous! Don't...

Oldboy remake

By sk816tw
Different from the original. Great casting! Critics reviews say it is full of violence, unless the theater I saw it had it censored, it is not gory or will make you feel nauseous. Again the lead...


By Cityfeme
I Have Always been a Devoted Fan of Spike Lee...and after seeing "OLD BOY" I Still Am! For Me The Film was utterly Mesmerizing. A Brilliant Adapting of a Japanese Movie, skillfully written to...

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Rated R | For Strong brutal violence, disturbing images, some graphic sexuality and nudity, and language.