Oka Manasu Synopsis
An aspiring politician and a medical student fall in love and must deal with parental relationships.

Movie Reviews

Torture ..horrible movie to watch

By ratnakar95
Don't waste your time even thinking of watching this movie. The Slowest movie and worst screenplay / story / script ......

Very slow movie

By ervijayakumarp
Very weak story line...It will be a mental harassment to watch such movie.....

OKA Manasu

By sambireddyn
OKA Manasu...

I loved it

By vaishurani123
Basically I love romantic love movies so I liked it the music was nice shourya was amazing as always and niharika was great for a debut movie. All songs were lovely and the end got me cry a bit. But...

Oka Manasu review

By anoopreddym
The only reason why we should watch this movie is because of songs and Niharika....

straight forward and serious movie made for a small portion of aduls

By ravitxus
I liked the story, actors and photography that aptly covered nativity of the theme. Only certain mind-set adult viewers can return w/o headache and good feeling. Director didn't compromise for...

OK Movie

By nareshparsha
Movie is boring in the first half. Naga Shourya acted very well but heroine acting Ok, she should have done better....

Worst movie ever

By jbjohnsonb