Of Gods and Men

By PS Viewer
Written March 19, 2011
Even as an atheist, I love the depiction of the joy and sorrows of monastic life in this film. The acting a uniformly superb by all 8 men playing the monks. The cinematography was fabulous. A scene at dinner was shot with grace and brilliance as so often in french films. No easy villains or heroes here.
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over rated by critics

By manjiriss
Written February 26, 2011
Looking at the critics review, I had high hopes for the movie.. First thing no where it is mentioned that movie is in French with English subtitles.. Inspirational story, but while watching the movie it didn't come through..
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Of Gods and Men

By quasicritic
Written March 07, 2011
Compelling and provocative. Faith and commitment to the human race but so much more than
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a monk's life

By cinemese
Written March 24, 2011
'Of God's and Men' attempts to capture the deliberately slow yet highly focused life of a group of french monks in late 90s Algeria as their apparently simpatico coexistence with the Algerian village community is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Islamist extremists.' of gods' is filled with so much subtlety that it borders on dull but it's in the extraordinarily ordinary routines and simply forthright spiritual convictions of this tight community of monks that tiny heroics are on beautifully refreshing display. I would conditionally recommend that others watch this film if for no other reason than the pure poetry of some of the film's best scenes (i.e. their 'last supper').
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Exquisite and moving

By Iseeeverymovie
Written March 13, 2011
From the very fidgety audience in a savvy intellectual community, I realize that some understanding of monastic life will make this easier for some people to watch, nevertheless, this is an exquisite and very moving based-upon-true-events film. More than the tender performances and truthful depiction of human frailty, this movie shows that the horrific events in the the middle east have nothing to do with ordinary people. North African Muslims and Cistercian Monks not only live side by side and help one another, but are close in their religious beliefs. Fundamentalists and Terrorists are the problem: there as they are everywhere. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Bring a handkerchief. Also, the scenery of North Africa near the Atlas Mountains, is stunning and unexpected. North Africa is not all desert. ISEEEVERYMOVIE
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