By mooerin
Written December 11, 2006
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suprisingly good

By Carriel475
Written December 11, 2006
I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. I didn't know anything about it going in - but will admit I was skeptical about an indie movie starring Nick Nolte. To my surprise, however, he put on a great performance (though the role wasn't too much of a stretch) as did the teenage actor who starred with Mr. Nolte. Though the people I went with found the film to be a tad slow, I found it to be a very heartfelt and endearing story of a bond formed between two unlikely characters. I would reccommend this to people who like interesting stories about relationships and those who do not get impatient when every scene is not filled with action!
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nolte's best

By farmer6
Written December 15, 2006
this is a spare film, ala tender mercies, and it has that quality of humor and pathos. when you're not laughing out loud, you find yourself tearing up, especially at the end. so, what does it mean to be a parent? what is success? how do people of different generations really communicate with each other? we can tell ourselves we don't need anyone else, as the nolte character does on several occasions, but we know he doesn't mean it. the photography and set design are terrific in creating a mood of small town limits and human commonality. the music is sensational. and this could be a breakout performance by trevor morgan. i hope critics begin talking up nolte for oscar recognition. you really need to see his perfomance--even better than in "affliction." i saw the film at sundance and once more at a private screening. i'll see it again, with my wife, when it opens in new york.
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