Detroit-based filmmaker Diane Cheklich offers an intimate take on an international business trend in this office drama detailing the battle that erupts after an outsourced cubicle dweller is forced to personally train her replacements -- three ambitious young Indians who have been hand-selected to help get a small Indian call center off the ground. Fairfax Furniture CEO Derek Abernathy has a problem -- if he doesn't manage to cut costs quickly, odds are he'll be out of a job before he can blink. Desperate to save his own skin even if it means throwing his own employees under the proverbial bus, Abernathy gives the go-ahead to outsource the company's call center to a small Indian start-up called Voxx. But technically Voxx doesn't even exist yet, so when India-based businessman Devendra Tiwari and his son Ajay realize they have only two months to get the company up and running, they send Nikhil, Anjali, and Reva to Detroit to familiarize themselves with Fairfax Furniture products and gain a solid understanding of proper call center procedure. Needless to say, the current crop of call center employees aren't too thrilled about the prospect of training their replacements, and quickly wage war against the three newcomers. Call center manager Carol is particularly miffed, and wastes no time making the three visitors' lives miserable by sabotaging their training, ostracizing them in the office, and even rallying a local television reporter to her cause. With the lines drawn firmly in the sand and the three hapless trainees quickly nearing the emotional breaking point, only time will tell whether Abernathy's decision to outsource will save Fairfax Furniture or backfire and bring down the whole company. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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