I walked out.

By Rjhugs9
Written January 10, 2017
Don't even try to think "oh let's just go see it - it can't be THAT bad..." Wrong. It's an offensive attempt by those who made the movie to throw a bunch of words and actors together and just aim low. Jennifer Aniston is supposed to be the mean cold ***** with an agenda. All I saw was 'hair and make up and wardrobe'. If you stood in a crowded store listening to cashiers shouting out "next customer" as they tried to get through the long line of customers, well THAT is how they shot the scenes for this movie. "Next", "got it", "moving on to shoot the next scene"... I listened from the start of the movie to young 20something women on both sides of me in an East Village NYC theater TRY to laugh out loud early on in the film as 'we' had all come 'hoping' to be amused. Awkward forced laughs they regretted turned into no laughing at all. The audience was even complaining out loud. Next time I smell this FOUL formula of lumping likable actors into a pile-of-poo movie simply because they know we'll donate our money to them - I'll steer clear. Shame on all of you. I dare the movie makers to invite is to view their movies "or your money back" if it sucks like this sucked. Please send them all a written definition of the word "funny". It was so annoying! Jason Bateman should turn gay for a day and sleep with me to make me feel better. Even his brand of 'charming, cute, sensitive' failed is here as there was nothing to focus on worth my time and money. I walked out and couldn't care less about the last half hour.
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Office Christmas Party

By sherrybrummettjazz
Written January 10, 2017
This is possibly the worst movie I have ever endured. I left before the ending. During the hour or so I watched, my senses were bombarded with the F bomb in nearly every sentence. There is even one line where Jennifer Annistons character tells a little girl in the airport to F off. There are shots of breasts' penises and butts, not to mention baby Jesus being thrown around and a drunk falling into the manger scene. There is no plot, and no real comedy with the exception of a few lines, and there nothing legitimately Christmas about this crude, unfunny film...There is even a scene where one of the actors prays to God and uses the F bomb. Hollywood, what are you thinking? This is NOT brilliant..Just cheap shots...everyone in that movie really needs to sit through it and ask themselves..am I really proud of this??
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By kennethtaylor13kt
Written January 12, 2017
It's a funny movie with a good holiday spirit. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is it was a little predictable at times.
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Eggnog at the Office

By EmilioAttacks136
Written January 12, 2017
All predictions and guesses aside, it is an enjoyable kickback movie to just watch. You can't expect nothing more or less. If you're a fan of any of the people involved, you'd simply watch it for good laughs and cheer.
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Good movie!

By leanaboo
Written January 12, 2017
Good movie and lots of laughs! Some nudity which would be inappropriate for children.
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