By Brian Tada
Written January 11, 2015
This was one of the most powerfully moving, emotionally gripping films I’ve ever seen -- the story of an abortion survivor who seeks closure by searching for her birth mother and in her quest for identity, wrestles with deep soul wounds of rejection, betrayal and bitterness until she discovers the power of forgiveness. Both serious and comical scenes are interwoven skillfully with superb cinematography and very believable acting. Interestingly, an actress in the movie had an abortion in real life, and in a scene when she broke down and cried, she said (during the credits) this was not just acting, but also helping her own healing process. The movie is striking a chord, and at the afternoon showing in San Jose, CA the room was two-thirds full by the time I arrived 20 minutes before showtime. I love how this film respectfully treats a sensitive topic with grace, balance and objectivity. This life-impacting movie will inspire the entire family to discuss why each life is truly precious.
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You're gonna love it!

By pappajubi
Written March 23, 2012
Not "preachy" but honestly displaying the tragedy of abortion and the sad consequences of it from all the different angles. Never heard of a movie made to look at the life of an abortion survivor! You will cry, laugh, heal and cry & laugh some more. Forgiveness and love is something we all need and should give. Every life is beautiful! Celebrate it! High quality entertainment, that you will not only LOVE, but will recommend it to everyone you know! Go see it now!!
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See it!

By crolf01
Written September 27, 2015
This was a well done, quality film with a powerful message of redemption! It was beautifully done, and emphasized the importance of all life. I have highly reccommended this hope-filled movie to friends and family.
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Some Critics are Robots, Some Critics have a Heart.

Written March 23, 2012
As objectively placed as the critics try to be, I believe that, from one human being to another, you can't help but feel overwhelmed with emotion while watching this film. It was very beautiful. I'll always remember this movie, Christian or not, it causes you to search the innermost places in your soul.
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October Baby Was Fabulous!

By krickenbach
Written March 24, 2012
My husband and I went to see October baby last night. We both loved it! The story line was very moving but also humorous at times. The cinematography was fabulous. Rachel Hendrix does an amazing job acting as Hannah. The rest of the audience must have loved October Baby too, because they broke into spontanious applause after the movie was over! This moving may be in appropriate for young children because of thematic elements.
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