The best of the 3!

By jmag420
Written July 09, 2007
This is the best Ocean's movie to come out of the three. Great acting and many laughs by some of the biggest actors in the industry, plus the revenge aspect makes it even better. Even if you hated the first two (11-12) you will love this one!
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The Best Yet

By Jimbodini
Written June 08, 2007
I liked Ocean's Eleven a lot. Ocean's Twelve was rather confusing, but still okay. But Ocean's Thirteen I LOVED! Just saw it tonight at Midnight opening show. AWESOME! Great cast....even better than previous films in the series. Excellent story line. Funny. Very Exciting. Great movie. I'd pay to go see it again. Loved it.
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Just watched this at the WB pre-screening in NYC...

By mobilewizz
Written June 06, 2007
Great film, has all the usual moments of comedy and suspense - Pacino does a great job as the villain and Clooney, Pitt, Damon and gang seem a little more light-hearted this time... they actually all seem like real friends getting together and having a laugh - no acting at all ... just being buddies. Definitely a must see - Oceans fans will love it!
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For all you reviewers....

By m_horty
Written June 07, 2007
If you havent seen the movie, than DONT post a bad review for it. If you have and dont like it, than maybe you should actually give an objective overview of the movies weakness instead of arbitrarily ranking a movie solely because you don't like an actor or think it is ridiculous to have a third installment of a movie!!!!!!! I thought the plot, performances and overall mood of this movie was clever, intriguing and kept me interested the whole time. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the first two.
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Las Vegas, Mystery and Karma

By Francis Joseph
Written June 07, 2007
If you like the laid back style of Soderbough and none of the high profile A list actors in this movie bother you, then this flick is a must see. Better than the second by far and more ambitious than the first, this movie has something for almost everyone. Those who love clues, hints and implicating details will love to see the movie several times. The scrip appeals to those who love detail and 'who done it' freaks. Although here it is mostly "whats happening". If you cannot be super caffiene awake every minute that you are in the theatre, then you might just enjoy the thrust of the story, the I am just being myself acting of Clooney, Pitt , Damon and company, and the sounds and sights of Vegas.
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