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By jazalyncruz
Written November 28, 2015
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Powerful -Oceans

By chpt
Written April 23, 2010
Beautifully done. Music, narration and cinematography was incredible. The kids loved being apart of the ocean and all that it is which makes them want to take care of it - knowing all that is ALIVE in it.
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By jakerse
Written April 23, 2010
The movie was awesome. From the narrator, to the up close scenes. Photography was unbelievable... Took my six year old and she loved it. I would and will definately go see this movie again.
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Five Word Review

By clansde
Written April 23, 2010
Incredible look at our oceans
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Oceans review

By xxndruxx
Written April 24, 2010
so i never saw disneynature earth, but i did enjoy Oceans very much. It had a lot of great footage and beautiful scenes and close ups with undersea creatures. i liked that it wasn't presented in the form of an educational video but at the same time i was still able to learn a lot about the aquatic animals.
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