By ketucker
Written April 24, 2010
The movie was so real and I learned about a lot of animals. I recommend anyone who's interested in ocean mammals to see it. It shows the struggles they face every single day.
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Five Word Review

By ottoheckle
Written June 18, 2010
cinematography doesn't bail it out
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By jaynedoe
Written April 24, 2010
When watching Oceans we were in awe of the amazing world God has created, we are thankful for the opportunity to view such wonder. The movie footage was absolutely breath taking, just more evidence of one true Creator! The narration was a little lacking and very Darwinian in content, as to be expected from a Disney production. We did appreciate the emphasis placed on preserving our beautiful seas. Thanks to all the camera men and women who did such a wonderful job.
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Be moved by the beauty & mystery of the Oceans!

By Pronoia
Written April 23, 2010
Be ready for spectacular underwater & above the water imagery, weird and wonderful creatures, pollution reminders & enchanting unforgettable scenes & species... an experience not to miss and forget. EnJOY & share yours! :)
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beautiful beyond belief

By nolongeractive
Written April 23, 2010
Ocean is a feast for the eyes. Images are unique, beautiful and brilliant. The way that they captured dolphins spinning in the air and racing in the water on camera is majestic. I particilary like this documentary because it wasn't trying to explain, Just giving a visual story of some animals living in the ocean and leting the audience figuring out that everything related together. Perfect for children. Ocean captures their attention until the end. There was a little 4 or 5 year old girl who was sitting beside me with her parents and started crying when the new born turtles are hunted down by the birds while they were trying to reach the ocean.
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