Truly a unique view

By mommafox99
Written April 24, 2010
Oceans was an awesome view of life in the waters of earth and it wasn't a bang you over the head propaganda about being green... the green emphasis was very subtle and appreciated because it allowed our family to enjoy what were truly first time and unbelievable views from the water i.e. penguins of antarctica diving in the water and swimming about underneath massive ice bergs... awesome!! I definitely walked away having learned something, been entertained and having a reaffirmed sense of why it is so important to take care of the earth. A great lessons for my children on Earth day.
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By OneJack
Written April 24, 2010
Some good shots, but I'm jaded - seen it all before. Endlessly long.
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Disney does it again!

By czigany
Written April 30, 2010
I absolutely loved Earth last year, and feel the same way about Oceans. The beauty of these nature-related Disney movies is incredible. Somehow, watching these wonders in a large screen lets you look at things from a completely different point of view, and you see things you would not normally see any other way. I took my kids. They both loved it, but I did find my 5 yr old asking "when will this be over" after about an hour. Documentary type films are something that small kids (pre-K in my son's case) have to grow into. My 7yr old, however, was mesmerized. This movie is absolutely breathtaking, and anyone who appreciates nature will most certainly appreciate it's beauty, it's content and it's meaning. Kudos for putting out a worthy movie. Too much of today's movies are violent and useless.
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Five Word Review

By ottoheckle
Written June 18, 2010
cinematography doesn't bail it out
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It from Disney, did you expect anything less?

By jmewill22
Written April 24, 2010
Very well put together piece, but 9 times out of 10, Disney delivers a quality product...The cinamaephotography is wonderful, shot to show the most brilliant colors in the ocean, the sound is incredible and Pierce Brosnan's narriation is an added bonus. There is a few "Circle of Life" moments that may be intense for small or really sensative children, but all in all it is a really good movie for children. My 6 yr old and 9 yr old loved it!
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