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By brayanramirez712
Written September 01, 2015
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By ubroodl
Written April 23, 2010
Wonderful opportunity to explore the oceans without even getting wet! Great way to educate the kids too!
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Go, but only for the photography!

By RollCredits
Written April 25, 2010
The photography is wonderful. Editing is incoherent - bounces all over the place with no consistent start-to-finish construction. Narration is bored. Information content is oddly low - why were the crabs fighting, if that's what they were doing? What was the special skill orcas developed to catch seals? Many things are mentioned with absolutely no follow-up.
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Oceans is "deep"

By terrydragon
Written May 31, 2010
Sure is a gift to mankind from Disney! Loved the photography...go see it when you are WELL rested. Pierce Brosnan's voice and the great soundtrack put me to sleep...the movie was NOT boreing by any means, I REALLY wanted to stay awake for it, but couldn't keep my eyes open. Now we can look foreward to Earth day 2011 and "Lions"!
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By 4movienews
Written June 28, 2010
The movie was just I expected, cinematography was terrific. The directing was great, the different scenes and views from the ocean, the ocean floor and above the ocean waters were rich with sea creatures that the movie made me feel that I was part of the movie. Since I love nature, I truly enjoyed watching the movie. At the same time, the writing of the movie was refreshing, it gave me a chance to relax and visually enjoyed myself swimming with the fish in the ocean. I learned to swim when I was 30 years old and since then I enjoy swimming, however for some reason I'm not comfortable in deep water. I have always enjoyed the sound of the ocean, seaguls, etc. I have a dolphin poster from George Sumner and it says "To live on the land we must learn from the sea, Teach Peace." My dislike was, that I did not watched the end. This film is for all age groups. In summary I recommend this movie, besides the terrific scenery, is a good time to relax and unwined and feel at peace.
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