The Violent Truth

By Mike H
Written September 22, 2012
Occupy Unmasked is a must see as it has bigger implications than just a group of leftover hippies whining about free stuff and bad corporations. This movie makes the important connection between radical elements in the US and abroad that are committed to America's demise. From 1960s Leftist radicals, George Soros, Islamists to Barack Obama you see disparate groups that are united in their hatred for America. The Occupy movement are nothing more than pawns unwittingly doing their Leftist Master's bidding.
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Occupy Unmasked

By Tlbelliott
Written September 22, 2012
So telling. So honest. So raw. Not for the faint of heart that prefer to be coddled by the media. Defiantly for anyone who knows there more to the story and wants to see behind the facade. You must see it and bring anyone with an open mind for the truth.
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