For once a movie that gets it right!

By jamesvillarrubia
Written June 24, 2014
Finally a movie that delivers a truthful tale about pregnancy and abortion. This movie should have come out 20 years ago, but no one had the guts to write it or star in it. I can't praise this movie enough - it was heartfelt and hilarious all at the same time.
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A Must See!!!

By 6thStEV
Written June 25, 2014
Not only is Obvious Child hilarious, but it also nails what it's like to be a woman in your mid to late twenties now. Jenny Slate is a real hero!
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A must see!

By MovieFan116
Written June 15, 2014
Really funny and fun movie, great for a date night or with friends. Jenny is hilarious!
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Better than expected, very funny!

By TLC_28
Written June 04, 2014
I'm a mom in my late 30's, took 2 16 year olds, and we sat near many 20 & 30 something's. My initial reaction from the clip was ok, some funny parts, but were going to be the only funny parts. This movie received it's R rating for language and topics in the movie. As this was a one night stand, nudity, wasn't even an issue. "Donna is unapologetically herself, joking about topics as intimate as her sex life and as crude as her day-old underwear.", which is what makes the movie great. Women will either understand or be able to relate to many of the topics in the movie. Saying that this is not a chick flick, as the men were enjoying the movie as well. The comedy that was used to deal with the uncomfortable topic and discussion about Donna becoming pregnant from a one night stand, how their "relationship" develops and how Max responds is great. The entire theater was laughing at the majority of the movie. this movie definitely isn't for everyone, but I would recommend it to others.
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Great Movie.

By I_Love_Kale
Written June 27, 2014
HILARIOUS, and heart-warming. I highly recommend it. Jenny Slate is so funny, and delivers perfectly in this film. I will buy it when it comes out.
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