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Written August 02, 2013
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By mmonette
Written June 25, 2016
Tom Cruise in his fading glory years; actually already a clear stretch from the Tom we all remember, cool gadgets, pretty girls, and a sense of Science Fiction. Unfortunately, that is all the movie delivered on, a sense of Science Fiction. Tom's "action" acting, Morgan Freeman's presence and voice, the photography were the highlights of an otherwise long, wandering story that never really told the story. There was a vagary of nearly six billion people killed by starvation, cataclysmic earth change, and what; "thousands of Tom's hunting people down"? While the house in the sky thing, with the beautiful "are you and effective team" suggestions running amuck, was very cool, the movie never addressed why a machine "tet" presence would need humans at all, let alone to be onsite eyes and ears and repairmen on earth. The move failed to deliver on the commercials; the thing we all hate to trade exactly 36 minutes of Cinemark time watching previews and commercials for.
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By pasievert
Written July 28, 2013
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By andyurion
Written May 05, 2016
i loved this movie and so did my friend, gary nelson, brother of haywood nelson, from "whats happing"... gary is a huge movie fan and has seen just about everything and is always talking about movies and and always amazes me with his knowledge. this movie had a really great plot, a cool twist, and amazing special effects...this was the best sci-fi since "Prometheus" and one i think most sci-fi fans will watch more than once like Star Wars or Blade Runner directors cut etc.. its very disappointing that it has a few bad reviews from idiots that could sway you from seeing a great movie and being really entertained for a couple hours
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Tom Cruise Doesn't Age

By Funks_your_brother
Written May 25, 2016
This was a pretty good movie. The music and a couple of scenes gave me flash backs to 'Legend'. I was disappointed I didn't see Satan...
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