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Not at all what I expected

By rpotter22222
Written May 06, 2015
Expecting a Minority Report meets Mission Impossible, I came away pleasantly surprised. The story of a destroyed Earth and survivors trying to live has become cliché. This Earth is trying to come back as its human inhabitants are abandoning it to live elsewhere. All is not as it seems however and Cruise finds himself having dreams that reach back into his memory before it was wiped clean. Cruise is believable in his role and shows a softer side like we saw in Far and Away. Plot is slow in a few places but overall a movie worth seeing.
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Fun with plenty of twists and turns

By timetravelr
Written November 25, 2015
I saw it last night with my fiancée. We both liked it a lot. It was very entertaining with many twists and turns. I recommend it.
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Long, confusing and just not good

By jsmd
Written March 03, 2015
I really had high hopes for this movie. Although Tom is a few bricks short of a load there is something compelling about him on the big screen. He is just not given much here. The movie takes forever to get going. The first 45mins are painfully dull. The entire storyline is confusing. Morgan Freeman is little more than a 15 min prop. I hope he got paid well for the 1 day he must have been on the set to film his part. With Apple TV and a 60 Sony Bravia and and Arcam/Definitive audio set up I enjoy most movies more at home. This one looked like it needed the big screen and some of the shots are quite good but it is not enough to save this turkey. If 75% of the people seeing this movie like it than I would hate to endure the movies the dislike.
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Simple equation:

By cebrown820
Written February 10, 2016
Wall-E + Prometheus + The Matrix = Oblivion. The concept in itself is original, but only in the sense that Taco Bell does new things with the same 5 ingredients. Too many things directly pulled from the above movies, in my opinion. Plus a little bit of the Jetsons thrown in for good measure. That being said, it's worth seeing. Awesome visuals. Keeps you guessing. And M83!!!!!
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Solid B-series sci-fi action flick

By opfister
Written April 21, 2013
Cruise does the job, as usual. Cast is very good. Story has interesting twists. Special effects and sceneries are nice. It's all well made and solid. Not that thought-provoking, just a nice piece of entertainment. I enjoyed it.
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