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Great movie

By tracey947
Written May 01, 2016
I loved it.
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By dptatro
Written July 26, 2016
I like science fiction and this was a real treat. I got the story. The writer had some imagination. The movie had action so you couldn't get bored. I enjoyed it.
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Steven Doll

By steventdoll
Written December 09, 2016
This film caught me off guard, I was not expecting much from it, but I must say that it was easily one of the best sci-fi films in a while. I enjoyed Tom Cruise's performance in the film which means a lot coming from me. The supporting acting I felt was well thought out and not over exerting. Morgan Freeman is an amazing actor but he did not over power the leads which is commendable. My hat is off to the director which did an amazing job with this film. The use of cinematography was clear and did not make the mistake of being jerky which a lot of films today use to enhance the action scenes that lack interesting action. The story was amazingly thought out even though the idea was not original. While watching it reminded me of the movie "Moon" but I did not once feel bored or that it did not make the story its own. As for the audience that can attend this movie it is pretty wide open. As far as the audience as long as you remember this is an action film anyone can attend this film.
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Oblivion - must see!

By mprs4me
Written February 07, 2016
My wife and I are seniors, but we love these kinds of movies. Good for all ages, but be advised, there is some language, especially at the end, that you may find offensive for younger kids. Tom Cruise is NOT our favorite person, but he did a really great job in this movie. The little twists and turns keep you guessing up until the end. Special effects were great and it didn't see like a fantesy. The movie took you right into the future. Had a bit of Space Odesy in it, but it fit! Overall, a great movie. Will want to see it again.
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By bowler
Written February 10, 2016
Good science fiction Movie with new special effects.Tom Cruise is very good in this type of action Films.Worth the time to see it in the Theatre.
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