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Just a really good sci-fi flick

By jhohler
Written June 21, 2017
What can I say. It exceeded my expectations. It was a little confusing to follow along at first but as the story progresses, you start to figure out whats going on. The imagery and the music were 1st class and it was the first time i really enjoyed an original sci-fi film in a long time. Not a fan of Tom Cruise but he did ok here
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Oblivion is a good title for this careless mess - SPOILER ALERT!!

By Rallymike
Written June 20, 2017
I read somewhere this movie was written by a "committee". If that is true, it is quite evident. The movie rips off a bunch of other movies. It rips off the clone/maintenance worker idea from Moon; there was another movie I can't think of now that it snatches ideas from. Tom Cruise is a really bad actor these days. I can't even remember the female lead with him she was so nondescript. The ending was so dull. I really didn't care that Tom was a clone. I really didn't care (spoiler alert) that the "people" Tom was supposedly working for as a maintenance man, turned out not to be people at all, but some kind of alien that lives in what looked like one of those magic 8-ball things you shake to answer your questions - only it was a triangle (I think it was a triangle; the movie was so boring I frankly can't be bothered to even try to remember!) If you can get it on Netflix it's worth watching. Frankly I've felt more satisfaction trimming my nails!
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Don’t think, see it.

By Wiil0276
Written June 14, 2017
In art school I learned the difference between commercial art and fine art. We are constantly told in advertising and mass media what to think. In fine art it is left open for the viewer to contribute his or her interpretation that makes the piece complete. To me this director is like a poet, his words and ideas can have a different meaning for each person watching it. I left the theater knowing exactly what I just saw and yet came to new realizations before I got home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please see it in IMAX if you can.
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Sci-Fi + Love Story = Oblivion

By MedRed
Written December 06, 2016
Tom Cruise is back as another "Jack" (Jack Harper, Jack Reacher, Jack from Legend, Stacie Jaxx). OK, that last one was a stretch. Oblivion is a visually stunning, IMAX worthy movie. The special effects are flawless. Everything that this movie puts before your eyes is 100% believable. The overall acting is above average and Tom Cruise delivers a hero role we're familiar with, but can't find fault with. The story is well paced and the plot is good, but not great. There are quite a few questions (I won't call them plot holes) that could easily be answered if the writers chose to. Oblivion seems as if it was adapted from a book that it tried to remain mostly faithful to, but took some liberties with for the big screen. There is no book, and that's a bummer because it would be a good read. A movie that makes you want to read a book? That's a good thing. There are no scenes during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Obliviously Awesome!

By FabAnt2010
Written October 27, 2016
I had my doubts about this movie at first for, lets face it.. Tom Cruise ain't no MI anymore but I was proven wrong! It had a @Prometheus like feel to it but none the less left me at the edge of my seat with its action packed twists & turns throughout the whole movie! I definitely would recommend it highly!!
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