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Oblivion; so-so Sci-Fi

By Capt Kirk
Written March 04, 2015
Movie was a 'pretty good' Sci-Fi. Wasn't really anything new - combined the plots of several science fiction stories - made the story-line and ending very predictable.
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Better than expected

By jthom1285
Written March 02, 2015
Gotta say went not expecting much but this movie totally surprised me. Actors were well cst, the story was awesomely enigmatic. The turnabout was great. It's an action thriller woven into a love story. Great for both men and women. Loved it.
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By davelemck
Written December 28, 2014
1st 30 minutes very slow in building the storyline. Last part of movie was confusing as far as what the movie was about. Didn't figure it out until after the movie was over. The movie trailer is misleading as far as this being an action movie.
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By charlieburger
Written April 19, 2015
How can you not see the latest Cruise action/mystery movie!!? What? Are you letting the critics stop you?! If you listen to the critics, you'll miss out on your own view of things. The story-line presents a unique twist on identities even up to the ending, which can be a bit tricky to follow as the evil and mysterious plot gets unraveled. It took me awhile after the movie to finally see the brilliance of it. Very interesting! So, go and see the magic of an awesome movie - fantastic cinematography and special effects, great character portrayals and acting, valuable message in the story. And know that, when Cruise is at the helm, life is sweeter for it!
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Good story. Very creative.

By mdd770
Written July 29, 2015
We liked the movie. The story was good and it was very creative. It was good in XD. Good effects. And there was no swearing. Very refreshing for a change.
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