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Oblivion Synopsis
A stranger's arrival triggers one man's (Tom Cruise) battle to save mankind.
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Don’t think, see it.

By Wiil0276
In art school I learned the difference between commercial art and fine art. We are constantly told in advertising and mass media what to think. In fine art it is left open for the viewer to...

Sci-Fi + Love Story = Oblivion

By MedRed
Tom Cruise is back as another "Jack" (Jack Harper, Jack Reacher, Jack from Legend, Stacie Jaxx). OK, that last one was a stretch. Oblivion is a visually stunning, IMAX worthy movie. The special...

Obliviously Awesome!

By FabAnt2010
I had my doubts about this movie at first for, lets face it.. Tom Cruise ain't no MI anymore but I was proven wrong! It had a @Prometheus like feel to it but none the less left me at the edge of my...

So much better than I thought

By SoundShore
I would be shocked if this movie doesn't get an overall Must See from the Fans. It is clever, great script, the technicals are fabulous, characters were developed, It feels like a more slick Matrix...

Not at all what I expected

By rpotter22222
Expecting a Minority Report meets Mission Impossible, I came away pleasantly surprised. The story of a destroyed Earth and survivors trying to live has become cliché. This Earth is trying to come...

Fun with plenty of twists and turns

By timetravelr
I saw it last night with my fiancée. We both liked it a lot. It was very entertaining with many twists and turns. I recommend it....

Long, confusing and just not good

By jsmd
I really had high hopes for this movie. Although Tom is a few bricks short of a load there is something compelling about him on the big screen. He is just not given much here. The movie takes forever...

Simple equation:

By cebrown820
Wall-E + Prometheus + The Matrix = Oblivion. The concept in itself is original, but only in the sense that Taco Bell does new things with the same 5 ingredients. Too many things directly pulled...

Solid B-series sci-fi action flick

By opfister
Cruise does the job, as usual. Cast is very good. Story has interesting twists. Special effects and sceneries are nice. It's all well made and solid. Not that thought-provoking, just a nice piece of...


By chiefsittingbear
Lots of information missing from the movie, the important information is subtle, but I think there are a lot of holes in the movie, and it could have been taking a little further. Some confusion...

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Rated PG-13 | For Nudity, Brief Strong Language, Sci-Fi Action Violence and Some Sensuality