Sci-Fi + Love Story = Oblivion

By MedRed
Written April 19, 2013
Tom Cruise is back as another "Jack" (Jack Harper, Jack Reacher, Jack from Legend, Stacie Jaxx). OK, that last one was a stretch. Oblivion is a visually stunning, IMAX worthy movie. The special effects are flawless. Everything that this movie puts before your eyes is 100% believable. The overall acting is above average and Tom Cruise delivers a hero role we're familiar with, but can't find fault with. The story is well paced and the plot is good, but not great. There are quite a few questions (I won't call them plot holes) that could easily be answered if the writers chose to. Oblivion seems as if it was adapted from a book that it tried to remain mostly faithful to, but took some liberties with for the big screen. There is no book, and that's a bummer because it would be a good read. A movie that makes you want to read a book? That's a good thing. There are no scenes during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Good Production of an Ennh Story

By Brus
Written August 01, 2014
The movie looks good, the actors make the characters as real as the script allows, the pacing and directing are all very strong and the action, what there is of it, is first rate. From a technical stand point, the movie is good. The problem is, not matter how well you plate a bland dish, it's still a bland dish. This is a movie of twists and turns that will surprise no one who knows science fiction at all and while Cruise, Freedman, and others do all they can to humanize their characters...the characters are just shallow. I would have loved to seen this movie with a real script and a real story. Or an empty headed action thriller with a lot more action. Either would be a must go. But this not quite active enough not really a decent story mish mash? So-so.
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Convoluted plot still worth seeing!

By pseguin
Written July 24, 2014
I've always been a Tom Cruise fan even through his public displays that labeled him a crazy person. I believe that I played the main character perfectly and I couldn't imagine anyone else in the role. The high tech home, flight craft, and the rest of the visuals were stunning. All that being said, when the movie was over, I said "huh?". The plot didn't make much sense to me and I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent movie goer. Still though, the story is enough to keep you interested and the visuals are astounding.
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By JCPass
Written April 20, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. As for IMAX, I just don't think there is that much difference and it definitely isn't worth the extra money.
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Imax and visuals give it a ..GO

By klparrish1
Written July 23, 2014
The first 30-40 minutes I was a lil restless. After that the story really began to evolve and take off. The visuals were truly outstanding and just beautiful scenery overall. As others have commented, you still might leave the theatre scratching your head after watching from beginning to end.
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