By sterlingwoods32
Written October 29, 2014
This is one wild piece of filmmaking. Half art, Half Porn, Half arthouse crap. Chances are if you're reading this you already know what you're in for. This isn't for you if you're just looking for a date night movie.
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By info672
Written March 22, 2014
Beautiful cinematic journey
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By ScorpiosVengence
Written March 22, 2014
Even with all the sex, the movie is so intriguing. Her story is heartbreaking, yet sensual. I cannot wait until Part 2 comes out.
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Loved it

By jnicjones
Written December 12, 2014
Loved it!!! Really captured the definition of a Nymphomaniac, in my opinion
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Shia lebeouf naked! ;)

By johnrmonk
Written April 05, 2014
I didn't actually see this in a theatre, bc my nearest theatre was all the way in ft. Lauderdale! Cray cray! So, I heard that this was going to be available on demand during a preview for vol. II. Awesome sauce! I saw it on my home couch for only $6.99!!! It was wild! When they say strong R rating, trust me, they mean it! It's more like nc-17! I just wish they would have a soundtrack for this movie. I went to my local fye today in search of it, & no dice! :( there is an awesome song by rammstein in the film that is just incredible; you wish it would play in the scene longer. & don't forget! Shia lebeouf completely in the buff!!! ;)
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