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Got a rating of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes (out of 100)

By Whisperer
Movie has good cinematography and it was nice to see Hemingway's compound In Cuba. But the story is muddled and can't make up its mind who it is about. Papa completely lacks any movie magic....

Papa Ernest Hemingway

By robertbernstein77
It was very enlightening. I learned so much about Hemingway's life as well as struggles....


By mmikes17
We were charged for a 3D film...and it was not 3D...we need a credit...


By jjjp3
Great story, great acting, great movie...

Papa leaves the light off!

By kamelia0951
The cast was alright- Giovanni was great- Richardson annoying as Mary. The main character was so flawed- older than Hemingway at that time- not rough around the edges as Hemingway was. Character too...

Giovanni Ribisi is amazing! The whole cast was great!

By mocacarter
If it wasn't a true story, it would be hard to believe. The cast did an amazing job bringing these people -- and this story -- to life....

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Rated PG-13