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war horse

By jlese757
Written February 28, 2014
Go to see the amazing puppetry. Uncanny to realize that the puppeteers become invisible, and you see only the horses (and the splendid goose). The story breaks down somewhat in the war years and the ending is too abrupt.
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War Horse

By realbutter
Written March 01, 2014
I had seen War Horse on Broadway. Thought seeing it filmed Live on Stage from London's West End would be another great experience with this wonderful play. I was so right on. It amazing. Loved the conversation with the author and the director during intermission. It's such a wonderful story. If this is shown again, I say this is a must go, not to be missed, event.
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The best of live theater brought to a screen near you.

By bethjanelle
Written March 11, 2014
My family enjoyed the movie War Horse, so I was excited to learn that it would be shown as a live theater production. A friend had seen the traveling production in Toronto, Canada. She had told me for a couple of years about how amazing the puppetry was for the horses & that by the end of the show, the puppeteers had faded to the background & all she saw was the horse itself. When I saw this would be playing at our local movie theater I jumped at the chance to see it with my friend & with my grandfather. We were all impressed with how well the movie had been adapted for the stage & the stage production to a live filming. My friend was a little disappointed as she remarked that in viewing what was shown on screen, we missed some of the side movements & production elements that can only be seen in a truly live, in person performance. Having grown up on the east coast & seeing Broadway productions on a regular basis. I am thrilled to have live productions available in this format.
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Magic on Stage

By neilr1
Written March 19, 2014
War Horse is a magical look at a boy and his horse during WWI that will pull your heart strings. It is a visual masterpiece. Don't miss this one.
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War Horse--National Theatre Live Production

By nprotheroe
Written March 23, 2014
Loved it, loved it!!! I laughed, held my breath, and cried. The staging was incredible--imaginative and creating a perfect setting for the play. And the puppets were astonishing. I remember when I first read about the play years ago, the idea of horse puppets didn't draw me to see the play. Then I saw the PBS special on Making of War Horse and was hooked. Oops, mustn't forget the music, in particular the solo singer. Each of the song interludes was beautiful, with the threading of music through the production haunting. All in all, it was a magical experience. One caution--not for children.
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