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King Lear

By Sandra Drew
Written February 07, 2011
I suspect this production of King Lear, starring Derek Jacobi was more powerful in the theatre presentation than it is on film. Sadly, on the big screen the performances come off as "stagey." Laurence Olivier's (filmed-for-TV) performance as "King Lear" was the most moving and multi-layered rendition of the role I had ever seen. It mmay still be available on DVD or VHS. King Lear is truly a masterpiece in the writing. It is always a special privilege to hear the lines. Unfortunately the beginning of the NT production is rushed so that some of the potent speeches fly by too quickly to be savored.
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Lear Review

By cherrios_movies
Written February 19, 2011
I loved watching The NT theater production of lear! It was fun with the added behind the scenes action at the start of the movie. The show was also pretty good. I have been thinking about it for days. Can't wait for Danny Boyle's Frankenstein!
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