N-Secure Synopsis
A man's fall from grace leads to a series of lies, betrayals and murder.

Movie Reviews

Five Word Review

By teagirl
Funny Entertaining, A Must See...

Five Word Review

By Babshort
Good wait for tv/dvd release...

N-Secure is the right name of this movie!

By jzzyjeff
Could have ended little different, But over all It was good : )...

A N-Secure FLOP !!!!

By lovelyone88
This movie was very low budget...the acting was terrible. The story as a whole was great but the acting was so bad that it made the story come off very weak. Don't waste your money, wait for it to...

What you won't do for MONEY

By ymlane
I enjoyed this movie it kept my attention, but I could have never played in it, because he would have been died along time ago. It's a must see for women. Question to the ladies: What would you do...

From an Published Author's View

By AuthorTiff30
The movie was alright. It was a good storyline but had script errors.The storyline blacked out and it jumped from one scene to the next in 7months. A bunch of editing errors. Some of the script...


By wdeshay
I really liked the movie and thought is was a good reminder of how nsecure men really are and act as if they aren't. The acting was very good and love the wardrobe of the actors. This is definitely...

Good Plot, HORRIBLE Acting

By Chynadahll
After seeing a preview online I was hyped about seeing this film; especially since a co-worker recommended it. It wasn't playing anywhere close to our home but we love to support black films and...

N-Secure Review

By rcj34
It was awful. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Tempest Bledsoe and Essence Atkins need acting classes...BAD....

Five Word Review

By ztqfxlr
Wait for the DVD please...

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Rated R | For some sexual content, brief violence and language