Add a little magic to your summer!

By quillsandspilledink
Written May 31, 2016
Advertisements are calling it a movie better than the Ocean's series and as a fan of those movies I went in expecting something great and I was definitely not disappointed! This movie has a wonderful plot and a mystery that leaves you guessing if each character is somehow the culprit and when you find out who it is you feel like you should go back through the movie to see what you missed. It's funny and visually stunning. Take your friends, take your whole family, heck, take that neighbor down the street that just moved in. This movie is a must see for the summer!!!
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Loved it!

By PECurls
Written March 04, 2015
Who doesn't love a good magic trick? This movie had me in its grip from beginning to end. It was funny, mind blowing and smart, not common in so many flicks these days. I liked Jesse Eisneberg as Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk but now I love them both. How many times in the last few years have you wished for a sequel? This is the time for me. Grab your popcorn and soda and settle in but pay attention............
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now i must see you again

By brookebissell17
Written March 02, 2015
best movie I've seen all year. jesse eisenberg and dave franco were so hot. I can't wait to see it again. the magicians were really bad*** and yeah I just really loved it.
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Fun but silly

By jhs39
Written May 02, 2016
Entertaining action comedy about four magicians whose first show concludes with a trick that appears to have them rob a bank in Paris while they are onstage in Vegas. They shower the audience with money at the conclusion of the show, which obviously makes for a very enthusiastic audience. The magicians are trying to right wrongs, although if you are paying attention it's not hard to figure out who their actual target is. The cast is great from top to bottom and if you can sustain disbelief sufficiently this is pretty fun, if a little overlong.
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Now You See Me's a Go See!

By CEAshby
Written May 27, 2016
My girlfriend and I went to the Des Peres 5 Star Lounge for the first time. OMG! Awesome! Heated reclining leather seats, Adult Beverages, & great food items. The movie was great. Loved Woody Harrilsons character. All in all, a great date movie.
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