Loved it

By Spydercage
Written August 22, 2014
Not enough Jessie in my opinion. To much spent with the others. Not that its a bad thing but the trailers led you to think it was his film. The whole film is great with twists and turns thru out the run. Everyone does a great job, also not enough Michael Caine, to much Mark Ruffelo. You'll understand why when you see it. I highly recommend this great who done it movie. For me its a Blue-Ray buy.
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Good story line with some twists

By calidiver
Written October 30, 2014
A good movie overall. The acting is good with some big names and some new comers who all blend well. The story is developed well and has meaning. The actions sequences are great but they aren't over the top and do not distract from the story in general. The plot twists and turns help develop a real feel for the varying characters and help to keep you guessing. I enjoyed the movie and so did my fiance.
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Excellent and very entertaining!

By DomingoS
Written January 29, 2015
I do not go by the critic's reviews anymore but fans reviews ... most of the time the critics do not know what they are talking about and I am tired of reading their nonsense comments ...
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Simpler would have been better

By baymont17
Written October 24, 2014
An okay movie, but seemed more concerned with creating disparate distractions than with creating a sophisticated, tightly wound plot. The ending wasn't the "wow" they wanted it to be because the setup felt like it was designed to wear the audience out rather than lead it on.
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Add a little magic to your summer!

By quillsandspilledink
Written January 27, 2015
Advertisements are calling it a movie better than the Ocean's series and as a fan of those movies I went in expecting something great and I was definitely not disappointed! This movie has a wonderful plot and a mystery that leaves you guessing if each character is somehow the culprit and when you find out who it is you feel like you should go back through the movie to see what you missed. It's funny and visually stunning. Take your friends, take your whole family, heck, take that neighbor down the street that just moved in. This movie is a must see for the summer!!!
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