Good story line with some twists

By calidiver
Written June 05, 2013
A good movie overall. The acting is good with some big names and some new comers who all blend well. The story is developed well and has meaning. The actions sequences are great but they aren't over the top and do not distract from the story in general. The plot twists and turns help develop a real feel for the varying characters and help to keep you guessing. I enjoyed the movie and so did my fiance.
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Loved it

By Spydercage
Written August 22, 2014
Not enough Jessie in my opinion. To much spent with the others. Not that its a bad thing but the trailers led you to think it was his film. The whole film is great with twists and turns thru out the run. Everyone does a great job, also not enough Michael Caine, to much Mark Ruffelo. You'll understand why when you see it. I highly recommend this great who done it movie. For me its a Blue-Ray buy.
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I had fun

By anymiller
Written June 10, 2013
Too many people feel the need to dissect a movie. I just want to be entertained! Now You See Me was entertaining. I really enjoyed it. P.S. Isla has great legs!
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Big Bang For The Bucks!

By heddynf
Written July 24, 2014
Not since The Usual Suspects has there been such a riveting, entertaining joyride of a move! Clever, tightly scripted, and if possible, equally plot and character driven. Our local newspaper movie reviewer had given it a less than enthusiastic review. But having realized long ago that said reviewer must be checking his joie de vivre at the door each time he enters a movie theater, I decided to take a chance with a film starring the brilliant Morgan Freeman and the gorgeous Mark Ruffalo. What a blast! It's the perfect Summer Fun movie. Go!
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Fun but silly

By jhs39
Written June 03, 2013
Entertaining action comedy about four magicians whose first show concludes with a trick that appears to have them rob a bank in Paris while they are onstage in Vegas. They shower the audience with money at the conclusion of the show, which obviously makes for a very enthusiastic audience. The magicians are trying to right wrongs, although if you are paying attention it's not hard to figure out who their actual target is. The cast is great from top to bottom and if you can sustain disbelief sufficiently this is pretty fun, if a little overlong.
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