Now you see me...

By neidadiaz8
Written June 04, 2013
Now you see me...wish I hadn't!!! Big waste of time and money. The few laughs that I did get out of the movie came from veteran actor Woody Harrelson. Not even Morgan Freeman could save this one. Really wanted to like it desperately, I hadn't been to the movies in awhile and it was date night for me and the hubby...Had it not been that we had paid for a sitter we would have left in the middle of the movie....So sad, such a waste of good actors!!!!
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Now You See Me's a Go See!

By CEAshby
Written July 24, 2014
My girlfriend and I went to the Des Peres 5 Star Lounge for the first time. OMG! Awesome! Heated reclining leather seats, Adult Beverages, & great food items. The movie was great. Loved Woody Harrilsons character. All in all, a great date movie.
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Don't Go See It

By IWantMyMoneysWorth
Written June 03, 2013
Stupid premise, idiotic plot, dopey dialog, and weak acting with the exception of some predictably good moments by Harrelson and Freeman (how'd they get him to agree to be associated with this low-level crap?). Don't fall for the hipe - this one's a loser.
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Now You See Me

By Eya
Written December 26, 2014
This was a very entertaining movie. It wasn't hard to determine who was behind the magical blueprints that the 4 Horsemen were invited to see. None the less, it was a good movie.
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Not as good as the trailer made it look

By mcataude
Written April 26, 2015
The movie wasn't bad, but not as good as the trailer made it look. It went too fast, the characters weren't developed and therefore didn't really draw you into the plot. It was a good idea, just not executed very well.
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