Very good

By Durandx4
Written July 26, 2014
This is for sure worth seeing. I thought it was gonna be ok but all the cool stuff in the previews. Dead wrong. Great twists, great action, great actors/actresses, the whole package. Not a movie of the year, but for sure MORE than worth seeing.
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a fun movie

By nottootickledpink
Written December 27, 2014
I thought this movie was as much fun to watch as I thought it would be from the previews. I wasn't . It was funny and fresh. If you are true movie fanatic there was a few points where I was able to guess but I was tricked in the end.. Which is the whole point.. What you think you see isn't what you are seeing, I recommend this movie. Don't listen to the critics, most of them are old and out dated we need fresh blood in that area..
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Way Better Than Expected...

By Aang
Written January 29, 2015
But, had its very flawed moments. The quote that they often use (and use in the trailer, so this is not a spoiler), "The closer you look, the less you see", but the main flaw is some of the acting. It could have been better, especially Mark Ruffalo. There were times, when it was like he was still int he Avengers as the Hulk. However, if you keep an open mind, you will like this movie. I would say go with a friend and enjoy!
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Lots of FUN!

By ValkyrieNYC
Written September 17, 2014
I know the critics have been rather savage toward this film, but I have to say I had a great time seeing it and thought it delivered. The "magic" was extremely well done and the story kept me guessing practically throughout to the final reveal. The pace is fast and doesn't drop - just keeps you engaged and guessing. I think the marketing has been a bit scattered - this is a challenge to advertise without giving away too much. Go see it for yourself, and have some fun!
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Now you see me

By mywish4me
Written December 29, 2014
This movie held my interest all the way through the movie. You have to pay close attention to every detail. It's a movie you have to see twice because for sure you'll miss something the first time you watch it. You'll love the ending.
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