Lov Movie Hated the annoying assholes sitting next to me!

By Kilgi
Written June 01, 2013
This movie was almost ruined by the annoying couple that came late inconvenienced everyone around them and then talked through the whole movie! This old couple were the most inconsiderate people I have ever come across at AMC Woodlands and I plan to tell the manager about their behavior as it really ruined this experience for me. That being said the movie is fun with a likeable cast and decent plot.
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In the vein of Sneakers, Usual Suspects...

By jpthieriot
Written December 01, 2014
As is often the case with surprisingly gratifying movie theater experiences - walked in with zero expectations; left thinking it was a fantastic, totally entertaining couple of hours. Great energy & pace. One novelty: The movie successfully pulls a card trick on the theater audience. Woody Harrelson kills it. Rufalo is bearable for, maybe, the first time ever.
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LOVED this movie!

By arialburnz
Written October 01, 2014
This movie was a lot of fun! I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to see the magic tricks, how they did the tricks, and what they were going to do next to top the last trick...especially to pull of this heist on a global scale. And the end completely threw me for a loop. Love the surprise ending. All the actors did a great job!
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By Bernergirl
Written December 28, 2014
The movie was entertaining with the "magic" tricks and special effects. Some parts were slow and I wanted the fast forward button. The score was wonderful and the cast fantastic.
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Very good

By Durandx4
Written July 26, 2014
This is for sure worth seeing. I thought it was gonna be ok but all the cool stuff in the previews. Dead wrong. Great twists, great action, great actors/actresses, the whole package. Not a movie of the year, but for sure MORE than worth seeing.
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