Nothin' up my sleeve... PRESTO!

By jonbudardanoff
Written June 04, 2013
Fun flick. When I saw the trailer last Fall, I made a note to go see it. Wasn't disappointed. Funny where it needs to be with witty banter between the leads, and solid performances by the "big" names (Caine, Freeman).
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Very good

By Durandx4
Written July 26, 2014
This is for sure worth seeing. I thought it was gonna be ok but all the cool stuff in the previews. Dead wrong. Great twists, great action, great actors/actresses, the whole package. Not a movie of the year, but for sure MORE than worth seeing.
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By swaymbsc
Written June 05, 2013
It was ok. Was I entertained? Yes. But being entertained can't make me overlook the UNBELIEVABLY impossible scenarios in this movie. I know this is a movie about magic, misdirection, illusions and all that crap. But come on. The ending was SOOOOOOOOOO far fetched that it was border line retarded.
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You were high if you rated this movie higher than so-so.

By alballin
Written June 05, 2013
This movie ranked right up there with Speed 2. Look it up. This movie had nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. People, Morgan Freeman fell asleep while being interviewed about this movie. I get that he's getting up in age but seriously, I would rather have the media talking about me sleeping on camera than about the biggest loser movie I was ever been a part of. There were lots of shiny things on scene, but there was no plot, no acting(not good at least), and no sense. When the dust clears, this mess will rank way up the flops of the year if not decades lists. Remember boys and girls, there is a reason a movie critic exists. I had forgotten and jumped on the LIKE everything bandwagon that seems all the rage right now. Not again. If you want to argue with this review, YOU ARE HIGH.
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Previews did not do this justice

By lainaallen
Written July 31, 2014
Very entertaining movie with a great fun cast. I thought this was going to be like Jumper with better actors and my husband had to drag me to it. It is in fact nothing like that and I'm so glad I went it's just a lot of fun like you want a summer movie to be and feels like you saw a really good magic show (I'm not a magic geek but who doesn't want to be amazed!)
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